Thursday, August 5, 2010

New Chapter

I just went through and deleted all the wedding blogs from my list on the right, which I use in place of Google Reader to keep up on weddingy things. I started to realize that wedding blogs were just another source of frustration and anxiety and hey, I'm not planning a wedding anymore! So here we are with a new chapter free of wedding planning.

I am working remotely (from home) for two weeks, which is lovely but also stressful. I love spending time with my husband, but not being physically on site has its challenges.

Lately I've been evaluating my work situation and trying to figure out how constant travel makes me feel. Honestly I haven't come up with much; travel has become so normal to me now that my eyes sort of glaze over and I go through the motions like any good travel robot. How long I'll be able to do it remains to be seen.

This is a ramble-y post so I'll cut it short there.


  1. good luck on the new chapter!

    I think taking out all the wedding blogs will be good for you. Your right time to start the next phase. I think this is true for women who have babies but are still obsessed with pregnancy blogs, time to move on and face what comes next.

  2. Just think...if you didn't travel then you would have NEVER met me! Enjoy your two weeks at home! :)

  3. I don't remember your banner being a MST one, but i love it :]

    wedding planning stresses me out too-- all those things i COULD have done and didn't know about, etc. :P good thing yours rocked though!


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