Sunday, June 28, 2009

No title.

Not much has been going on here...just chilling out, taking pictures, and working.

I apologize that these pictures look so shit-tastic here...the resolution is all messed up. To see the originals check out my Flickr.

I was very surprised to hear about Michael Jackson's death, though in all honesty it's not as if I think of Michael Jackson on a regular basis, so any sort of news I guess would be surprising. I think it's a veritable tragedy, truth be told. A very sad end for a very sad, troubled person.

I've been working on my amateur photography hobby on a regular basis, though in all honesty I am generally pretty discouraged. One of my least favorite attributes of myself (of which there are many) is my perfectionism. Often when I embark on a new project, activity, hobby, etc., I imagine in my head that I will be an expert in it instantly. Unfortunately this is rarely the case and I am left frustrated and filled with self-loathing (yes, loathing). I'm working through this particular issue, since, well, I have a $600 camera in my hands. I damn well BETTER start believing in myself.

Rob bought a rifle the other day. He's been talking about it for months; I think he wants to start shooting as a hobby. He never shot a firearm before the Army but I think he came to enjoy it. I am not a huge fan of guns, perhaps because I never grew up around them and hey, they're pretty fucking frightening. He's told me that he plans on making me shoot it to increase my comfort level...we shall see how that goes.

THIS IS NOT A WEDDING BLOG so I don't really want to go into my latest wedding plans. The plans are also ever-changing so really there's no point. Suffice it to say: ocean, family, inclusive, informal, vows. Is that enough?

Oh, and one more thing: if the rain doesn't stop I will drown in my bed.


  1. I've been hearing a lot from friends and family on the East coast about the rain. We could use some over here, why don't we arrange a weather trade? I have really hot, dry sun shine up for grabs.

  2. I don't really know what you expect from yourself as a photographer. I mean if you really want to figure out the lighting and the this and the that technical term technical term, you should see if you can take a class or something, or find other people in your area who have the same hobby and get together with them to talk about it/share ideas.

    From my point of view, your pictures are quite good. As long as there is a story behind it and it's visually pleasing (which they certainly are) I don't see what more you can do as an "amateur photographer" as you say.


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