Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Married Life

So, we went through with it. We got married and we couldn't be happier!

The day was more perfect than we could've planned (though it was totally different from what we DID plan!). We made some music together, spent time with our loved ones, ate some cake, drank some alcohol, and read some kick-ass vows. We made the wedding completely "ours." The vows, ceremony, reception, music...everything was personalized for US as a couple. We're so happy.

I think my favorite moment was hearing Rob's vows. At one point he said, "I love you no matter how crazy you think you are, and I love you for how crazy you actually are," which was absolutely perfect. My next favorite moment was my sister's reading. She surprised us both by reading a passage from a book that my grandmother had written about the early days of her relationship with my grandfather. Since my grandparents both passed away within the last two years, and as the wedding was at their house, this meant so much to us. If you have access to the pictures and see me crying, that's probably why.

The performance went off without a hitch and (I think) people really enjoyed it. We couldn't really keep it a surprise (given the huge drum set, amps, guitars, etc.) but we did the best we could! We played two songs together, "When She Begins" and "The Dirty Glass," along with our bassist and drummer. We had a third song, "Likes of You Again," but were unable to play it as our bassist got too drunk to remember the bass line :) Made a good story anyway!

Everyone sort of mingled around the 7 acre property and danced, or didn't dance. There was "something" for everyone...lawn games, beautiful panoramic views, a DJ with some kick-ass music, and plenty of baked potatoes, blueberry lemonade, and lobster.

I don't think it could've been more perfect.

And married life is awesome. Contrary to what I originally thought, it really does feel different.

I read through a bunch of Rob's old emails, both in high school and during the Army years, and it hit me just how much we've gone through to get here. If I could bring the 2007 me to now and show her that we FINALLY live together, are FINALLY married, and can FINALLY decide what we want to do with our life, I think her brain would've exploded. And yet the transition from being apart to living together was so easy, so effortless...and the transition from engaged to married was even more so.

I love my husband so very, very much...and we have certainly earned this wedding and this marriage.


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  1. Congratulations! It sounds like it was a beautiful ceremony.


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