Tuesday, July 7, 2009

A list

I have a desire to write but don't have it in me to write coherent paragraphs. The remedy? A list!

1. I wish I had a fun banner at the top of my blog. How do you even get those?

2. At the risk of giving TMI, my period is wreaking havoc on my life this month. It's twice as painful, twice as uncomfortable, and actually affecting my behavior as it's never done before. I'm snarky, hot, annoyed, and I have to pee a lot. BOO, uterus.

3. Working from home is great and I love setting my own schedule. I didn't even shower today and woke up at like 10 a.m., and yet got way more done than I ever did sitting on my ass in an office. No lie.

4. I love our new apartment. Every time I get up and walk around I just feel like I'm "home." Now if I could just get a new couch, because this $200 futon from Walmart is about two seconds away from being thrown against the wall by yours truly. I will gather up the strength and do it.

5. Rob came across a huge tool-pants today while walking the Beast. The trail behind our house is a state ATV trail. He walks the Beast there because it's pretty clear of people and ATVs. It's never been an issue that she walks off-leash...ever. Today some d-bag on a bike began to pass Rob and Cypress and Cypress, being a dog, ran toward him. He yelled "HEY, HEY, HEY!" and actually got off the bike to shoo her away (using the bike as a shield), then yelled to Rob "PUT IT ON A LEASH," to which Rob replied, "Fuck you, Spaz." First of all, where do you get off frightening my 60 lb dog with a bike, and second of all, CHILL THE FUCK OUT and KEEP RIDING. My dog can't catch up to you and even if she did, she'd lick you to death and that's about it.

Full disclosure: it is the law on a state-owned trail to have your dog on a leash or at least under voice control (which she is). But we live in Maine and Maine is pretty Beast-friendly. Nobody has ever had a problem with Cypress or any other Beast running free on a trail as long as they aren't pooping all over the place or biting people. Cypress does neither of these. So again, dude, chill out and ride your damn bike.

6. I'm going upstairs to do work.


  1. People are stupid, just a fact of life. The apartment pics had looked really awesome and it did have that "home-y" look to it so I'm glad you're enjoying it L+:)

  2. I have two comments...

    1 - HAHAHAHAHAHAHA... "Fuck you spazz"... HAHAHAHAHAHA. *thumbs up to Da Boy*

    2 - I made my funky and fun banner. If you'd like, I can make you one as well, though I make no promises on its finishness until after my vacation.

  3. Boo Uterus made me laugh. Sorry you're hurting though.

    I'm not computer orientated...so I had Becca at Lovely Yellow Ribbons make my banner. For me to do that would be disaster.

  4. you know, besides bringing in human life uteruses are highly overrated dont ya think. I'm with you, they suck.

    as for the biker and the dog, I know the whole share the road thing but I hate bikers. (and flyboy is BIG into trail riding) they always act like they own the place.


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