Saturday, July 11, 2009


So I was thinking the other day about the expectations that one has about how one will raise one's children prior to actually having children.

I decided to compile a short list of my personal baby expectations and how I think things will go down when I am ye Grand High Mother. To all you parents out there who may scoff at these, I fully recognize that everything will totally change when I actually have a baby, which is part of the reason that I thought this would be interesting. At the very least, this will give you parents a chance to laugh at my naivite.

1. I will breastfeed. First of all, it's really good for the baby, and second of all, it's FREE. I've heard it's harder than it looks, but hey, motherhood is sacrifice. And if I have the ability to make milk, dammit, someone's going to drink it! These boobies are made for feedin', and that's just what they'll do. However, I will not breastfeed past...oh...let's say one year.

2. My child will use a pacifier. I recently read about someone who refused to give a paci to their infant, and I guess I don't really understand the mentality. Children like to suck on nipple-like objects, why not let them if it provides them some level of comfort? Especially if it provides a few minutes of peace?

3. My child will be vaccinated. I know this is a hot-button issue right now and frankly don't want to get into any heated discussions. I am personally of the mind that vaccines have done wonderful things for humanity, and do not believe many of the claims being made by the anti-vaccine crowd. I will do what I believe is best for my child, and in this case, I believe that it is best to get my child vaccinated.

4. My child will, at a certain age, "cry it out." I am of the mind that once a child reaches a certain age, he/she is perfectly capable of "crying it out." I personally don't believe in picking up a child (again, at a certain age) every single time he/she cries. In my limited experience, it seems that parents "know" when a child is crying for a legitimate purpose and when he/she is merely demanding attention. I hope I will gain this knowledge as well, and learn to tell the difference.

5. When my child has a tantrum, or when I pose a threat ("I'll turn this car around") I will follow through. This one I know could definitely change once I am in the throes of parenthood. I hope that when my child is having a tantrum, I will not indulge them and "ignore" it to the best of my abilities (I think all bets are off in public places!), and that when I say "I will turn this car around," I will have the intestinal fortitude to do so.

Those are all that come to mind at this point, but perhaps I will add more later.

Do those of you who are sans bebe have any expectations about parenthood? And for those of you who are with child, do you remember any expectations that changed once your child was actually born?


  1. I was just thinking about babies today! I completely agree with every one of these.

    We'll see what reality has in mind...whahahahah (that's evil reality chuckling somewhere over in a dark corner.)

  2. i gotta be honest, and granted all I've done is BF (only for the first year but it was exclusive... no formula) but well, its really not that hard. Everyone says it is, and it does have a bit of a learning curve but honestly, undo bra, insert boob, repeat. Granted there is a LOT of repeating but it really can be that simple. Now for some it works for some it doesn't. I went into it it saing I would give it my best shot and see where it took us. And it worked. So you seem to have a great attitude about it.

    I like your list. It's a great one and you have a great attitude about parent hood. Nothing perturbs me more then people without kids who have that whole "I will never" attitude. It just doesnt work out that way. : ) Make plans and God laughs is how the saying goes and with parenthood.... thats very true!

  3. That's what I said about breastfeeding, the free aspect. Formula is too expensive and if I can produce it, someones gonna drink it.


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