Sunday, August 9, 2009

Pushing through.

I still have Blogger's Block but dammit, I'm going to sit down and try to write a coherent post.

The new job has been going well, though the travel does take some getting used to. I call Robbie at every opportunity of course (and, I admit it, I even had him put Cypress on the phone once) and so far, so good. I enjoy being challenged at work for once.

One particularly positive aspect of traveling so much is that I have all but gotten over my fear of driving on the interstate. Previously, I white-knuckled my way through merging (if there was more than one car, tears were inevitable) and then stayed in the right lane going exactly 65 or, if I got behind someone slow, maybe around 55. I NEVER passed. But after a few times I realized that dammit, time to man up, and now I can merge like a PRO. I pass everyone who isn't going a solid, consistent speed of around 73-74 mph. Granted, this is on the Maine interstate, which is only 2 lanes for each direction except for a few miles down south. But it's a step.

Also, air travel problems don't automatically make me burst into tears as they have in the past. Now I [to a certain extent] take a, "fuck it," sort of attitude and just deal with what comes. I made sure to enter in all the customer service numbers for the airlines I use so that I can talk to them rather than standing in line with all those other pissy people during a delay. We all know that people are at their ABSOLUTE BEST OMG on airplanes.

Alright, that took all my energy. I got nothing. I want to be humorous, witty, clever, blah blah de freakin' blah but I just don't have it. I suuuure suck at this.


  1. Airline travel sucks your brain dry. I'm convinced of it now. So I pledge NOT to pay baggage fees... erm... I mean.. travel by air unless ABSOLUTELY NECESSARY. WHO'S WITH ME!

  2. RYC: Are you gonna come? Cuz Laura is gonna come. She is moving to Phoenix in Oct. That's why she gets an invite. I dont think I even have your address...

  3. It's ok, being witty takes skills :D There's nothing like being forced to drive on the interstate to suck the scared right out of you though! But god I remember the first few times too, merging always freaked me out SO much!


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