I would still consider myself a relatively small-time blog, but I've been growing, growing, growing over the last few months. Current stats:

-I receive around 350-500 views a day, 9500-10,000 monthly views and growing.
-The majority of my readers are the same as most blogs in the niche, females between the ages of 16-30.
-I sponsor several high-traffic blogs and advertise all blog posts to 218 Twitter and 69 Facebook followers.
-As of November 2011, I currently have 244 GFC followers, 281 RSS followers, and 55 Bloglovin' followers.

I'm choosing to do a very simple, introductory sponsorship program to see how the process works for my blog.  As a result, my sponsor spots are one-size, one-price: $5 for a 150x150 ad.


With this ad, you will get:

1. Top ad space on the right-hand side of my blog.  Ads will rotate to ensure that each ad gets the same amount of time at the top of the column.

2. A group post featuring your picture, a description of your blog, and links to your blog, Etsy, Twitter, Facebook, grandmother's website, what have you.

3. The ability to host a giveaway should you so desire.

All money will go directly back into the blog, covering sponsorships and allowing for awesome new giveaways and such.

I am also willing to consider showcasing items in an outfit post or offering unbiased reviews of an item on a case-by-case basis.

Interested? Send me an email at tomakelovestay{at}gmail{dot}com.